Agrotrade completed planting 2019

The Agrotrade Group allocated 47.7 thousand hectares for spring crops in 2019.

“Among the main spring crops, Agrotrade chose corn, sunflower and soybean. Corn covers 21 thousand hectares, sunflower — 15.5 thousand hectares, and soybean — 10 thousand hectares. Spring barley is sown on 0.5 thousand hectares, the remaining farmland was allocated for niche crops, the main one among them is beans,” the company informs.

In the current year, the holding continues developing organic farming with more than 2.5 thousand hectares sown with organic crops.

“We have used the best seeds of high-intensity hybrids. Sowing was carried out with the simultaneous application of complex fertilizers, therefore, the density of sowing increased as compared with the previous year. In addition, higher quality seeders equipped with Precision Planting and Section Control precision farming systems were engaged. Last year we tested those technologies, and in this season we used them practically everywhere,” commented Oleksandr Ovsyanik, Head Agronomist of the Group.

As specified by the company, winter crops are in good condition. They cover almost 22 thousand hectares. This season the largest area is occupied by winter wheat — 19 thousand hectares, 2.6 thousand hectares are allocated for rapeseed, while winter rye and barley occupy 0.05 thousand hectares each.

Previously it was reported that Agrotrade scheduled machinery fleet update for the Y2019.

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