Largest ASF outbreak registered in Poland

The third in 2019 outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) was registered in Poland at the agricultural enterprise breeding more than 8 thousand pigs, meat-inform reports.

It is the largest enterprise affected by the virus since the appearance of ASF in Poland in 2014.

“The outbreak was detected on a pig farm housing 8.012 animals. Laboratory tests confirmed the contamination of 61 animals. The enterprise is located in a high-risk area,” the message says.

In 2014, 24 outbreaks of ASF among wild boars and 2 outbreaks in enterprises were recorded in Poland. In 2018, the number of outbreaks of the virus among wild animals increased to 2.4 thousand and among domestic animals — to 109. In 2019, 3 cases of ASF were registered in agricultural enterprises in Poland and 1.2 thousand outbreaks among wild pigs.

Reference: 8 states of the European Union suffered from African swine fever. According to the EU Animal Disease Notification System (ADNS), in 2018 Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Belgium confirmed a total of 1.3 thousand outbreaks of ASF among domestic pigs.

Previously it was reported that in late May another ASF outbreak was found in Vinnytsya region of Ukraine.

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