World's most powerful combine harvester Fendt IDEAL to be demonstrated in Ukrainian fields

Fendt IDEAL combine harvester
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AGCO Corporation presented the world's most powerful combine harvester Fendt IDEAL at the international exhibition AGRO-2019 in Kyiv. The Corporation plans to hold a tour in Ukraine on harvesting wheat, corn and sunflower, reports.

Fendt IDEAL features high-performance 550 hp MAN engine. The new Fendt IDEAL combines series offers with its unique Helix threshing unit and separating system. The longest rotor on the market today is 4.84 m long and 600 mm in diameter. The IDEAL works with two Dual Helix threshing units.

The Fendt IDEAL is equipped with the largest grain tank on the combine Streamer. It has a capacity of 17,100 l (+18% on current high-performance combines). The discharge rate stands at 210 l/s, thus a complete discharge takes 1 min. 21 sec.

The vehicle widths are below 3.30 m and 3.50 m. The narrow vehicle frame of just 1.40 m provides more space for even the widest tyre and crawler track options.

AutoDock allows to couple the table to IDEAL combine quickly and safely: from the convenience of the cab, and by the push of a button on the terminal, you can complete electrical and hydraulic coupling in just 5 seconds. The new PowerFlow table is available for the Fendt IDEAL combine with a maximum operating width of 12,20 m.

The IDEALharvest system was developed specially for the high-performance Fendt IDEAL combine. It sends the capacity status of the threshing unit and cleaning in real time to combine using acoustic mass sensors (MADS). The sensors are fitted along the rotors and the shaker shoe, and detect the flow of crop within the machine as well as any losses which occur.

“The Fendt IDEAL combine is highly productive, thus we focus on companies that will harvest a large volume of grain. This is a machine for those professional enterprises willing to harvest as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Anton KostyrkoMarketing Manager Eastern Europe at AGCO Corporation.

Among other machines, AGCO presented Massey Ferguson 2635 and 2630 compact tractors at the exhibition.

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