Agrofusion started harvesting grains

The Agrofusion group of companies started harvesting campaignThe share of grain crops increased by 26 per cent from the previous year. The total area of cereal and industrial crops is above 14.6 thousand hectares.

This yea's cropping plan is as follows:

  • winter wheat — 9 thousand hectares;
  • winter barley — 5 thousand hectares;
  • winter and spring pea — more than 600 hectares.

The Corn in the Focus: the USDA June Report Highlights

This season, the special harvesting equipment is involved. It monitors the crop data and builds up the yield map. This map enables to track the cost components of each field.

Harvesting operations will proceed until the end of June.

As previously reported, agriproducers of Mykolaiv region started the grain harvesting campaign 2019. The PAEK group of companies was the first to start harvesting winter barley.

The infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine 2017/18 is available by the link.

Regional specialization in crop production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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