Ukraine supplied the 3rd largest volume of poultry meat to the EU

In January-April 2019, Ukraine shipped to the EU the third largest volume of poultry meat among world suppliers, UNN reports with reference to the European Commission statistical reports.

In the first four months of the current year, Ukraine supplied to Europe 43.3 thousand tons of chicken. This figure is 11.9 per cent higher from the January-April 2018 volumes.

Thailand and Brazil, respectively, are reported to be the first and second largest exporters of chicken.

"In four months of 2019, these two countries exported 113.3 thousand tons and 109 thousand tons of poultry meat, respectively. The growth of exports of Thai chicken to the EU made up 11.2 per cent, while that of Brazilian chicken — 23 per cent," the message says.

Previously it was reported that only two Ukrainian companies were authorized for exporting poultry meat to the European Union.

The infographic guide Agribusiness of Ukraine 2017/18 is available by the link.

Poultry production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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