Ukrlandfarming forecasts high winter grains yield

Ukrlandfarming forecasts a high yield of winter grain crops in 2019 with the view of favourable weather conditions. This was informed by Volodymyr Fantuh, Head of Ukrlandfarming Agribusiness Development and Innovation, Unian reports.

By the report, this year's spring period was rather favourable for winter crops in terms of temperature regime and was characterized by a sizable amount of precipitation.

"The technologies we apply allow for the full use of precipitation and form the preconditions for the winter crop yield higher from last year's," said Volodymyr Fantuh.

According to him, heavy spring rainfalls could have had a negative impact on the quality of the crop.

"Rains stimulate the emergence of many diseases and pests. We pay special attention to the control of Fusarium species on wheat kernels, which may have a mass appearance as a result of weather conditions," commented the Head of Ukrlandfarming Agribusiness Development and Innovation.

The company's data show that in the western and northern regions of Ukraine agricultural crops develop in conditions of sufficient, in some places excessive, moistening of soil and moderate temperature regime. Due to heavy and frequent rains, local flooding of crops is observed. Many fields are under water, in addition, there are many surface flooding of crops and hail damage.

Volodymyr Fantuh also added that the agrometeorological conditions for the formation of late crops, in particular, sunflower and corn, were favourable during the starting period for the formation of a good vegetative mass, thus contributing to a high yield of this group of crops.

Previously the company informed about the introduction of the equipment of the French manufacturer Sojam at the elevators Agroterminal Construction, with the capacity of 488 thou. tons, and Elevator-Agro, with the capacity of 446 thou. tons.

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