Ukrlandfarming executed Europe’s largest grain protection project

The Ukrlandfarming group of companies introduced the equipment of the French manufacturer Sojam at the elevators Agroterminal Construction, with the capacity of 488 thou. tons, and Elevator-Agro, with the capacity of 446 thou. tons, reports.

The implementation of such a project is so far the most ambitious not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

This is not the first experience in installing modern equipment for the protection of grain at the storage facilities of Ukrlandfarming.

“For three years, we have equipped six elevators with modern equipment to protect grain from Sojam Ukraine. The positive result proves the effectiveness of such a decision. Thus, we manage to preserve the quality of grain which ensures its safety, and also to maintain its high price,” says Deputy Director General for Elevator and Mixed Feed Production Vladimir Sushchenko.

Instead of dealing with the aftereffects of grain contamination, the company chose a preventive nebulization method.

“This significantly distinguishes Ukrlandfarming’s approach in the market. Together, we have developed a solution that will not only optimize the cost of preserving the quality and safety of grain but will also speed up business processes, especially in terms of route shipment,” commented the Director of Sojam Ukraine Mikhail Kosyukhno.

The elevator of SP Nyva with the capacity of 200 thou. tons will be the next facility where Ukrlandfarming plans to introduce the Sojam equipment.

Note: Sojam formulates manufactures and commercializes equipment and agrochemical products for the post-harvest grain protection. Sojam Ukraine began its activity in 2013.

Company's offer includes: ready to use insecticides and equipment for the treatment of cereals on inland silos and port facilities (for exportations) by cold nebulization, post-harvest insecticide protection (ready to use liquid) during handling for long-lasting grain protection and tailor-made equipment for insecticide application (pressure nebulizers) for grain storage facilities.

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