Astarta-Kyiv liquidates one of its farms in result of a livestock decease

Dairy cows are removed from Troyitsʹka Agrofirm (Poltavazernoproduct), a subsidiary of Astarta-Kyiv agro-industrial holding. The company explained this by the spread of an infectious disease — bovine leukosis. However, the company's employees regard this version as questionable.

In the possession of is an appeal of Troyitsʹka Agrofirm employees, where they claim that in recent weeks the company has slaughtered more than 200 cows.

"We are requesting your help in controlling the situation with livestock slaughter because of leukosis. In previous years, there were 2-3 leukosis cases on the farm, and this year there were 78. What will workers and shareholders do when the farm is liquidated?" farm's employees appeal states.

According to the employees of the agricultural firm, one 200 head complex is already closed. Closure of the second complex is underway. They also informed that the livestock was taken to "Lubny meat processing plant" and "Globyno meat processing plant".

Astarta-Kyiv press service confirmed that more than 200 animals were diagnosed with leukaemia at Troyitsʹka Agrofirm.

"This is a severe infectious disease, which, according to veterinary regulations, is quarantined without the right to market milk. In these conditions, we were forced to cast cows. As for the healthy livestock remaining on this farm, based on the goals of animal safety and economic efficiency, the decision was made to move them to a neighbouring farm in the structure of Poltavazernoproduct," the company notes.

As noted by the company, Astarta-Kyiv continues developing dairy farming as a business segment with an emphasis on the quality of milk, genetics and animal housing conditions, organization of the most effective conditions in order to maintain the profitability of livestock farming.

The staff of the agricultural firm, as well as one of the top managers of Poltavazernoproduct, doubted the mass infection of cows with this disease. They consider bovine leukosis to be an induced excuse to close the farm and dispose of the unprofitable branch.

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