Astarta-Kyiv appointed new Commercial Director

Cezary Maciborski left the position of Astarta-Kyiv Commercial Director on June 5th 2019, and Ostap Palchevsky was appointed as acting Commercial Director.

During the last three years, Mr Palchevsky headed the soybean processing segment of Astarta and has significant experience in international trading companies.

"Astarta's management is confident that this appointment will improve the performance of each business segment and the Company as a whole. At the same time, a commercial team stays in the company maintaining its key functions and strategic plans of development, and continues to fulfil all commitments to its partners," the company's message says.

Earlier it was reported that on 3rd-4th June 2019, Albacon Ventures Limited, wholly owned by Viktor Ivanchyk, Chief Executive Officer of Astarta-Kyiv, acquired in total 152 000 shares of the company. Such shareholding, post transaction, is equivalent to 37.99 per cent of total shares outstanding.

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