Dnipro Agro Group finalized winter barley harvesting with 4.9 t/ha

As of July 2nd, Dnipro Agro Group harvested 3.97 thou. tons of winter barley on 99.9% of areas with an average productivity of 4.92 tons per hectare.

The company continues harvesting wheat which by the reporting date had been harvested on 52.3 percent of areas, 30.1 thou. tons were threshed with the average productivity of 4.31 tons per hectare. Peas harvesting covered 71.9 percent of areas, 0.9 thou. tons of crop with the average productivity of 2.4 tons per hectare were collected.

Dnipro Agro Group also started winter rapeseed cropping. As of July 2nd, the oilseed crop was threshed on 12.1 percent of areas. The company reports on 3.26 thou. tons of new crop with the average productivity of 2.93 tons per hectare.

As at early July, new crop was harvested on 9.25 thou. ha.

As of July 3rd, agricultural producers of Kherson region harvested 1.8 million tons of early grains.

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