Agriproducers in Kherson region harvested first million tons of grain

As of July 3rd, agricultural producers of Kherson region harvested 1.8 million tons of early grains, the State Regional Administration reports.

According to Andriy Nedelko, Deputy Director of the AIC Department, this year's weather conditions are more favourable for early grains, thus the average yield is higher and amounts to 3.3 t/ha.

"The quality of winter wheat has improved this year. The grain currently being harvested is of at least the third category. Last year, under unfavourable weather conditions, the quality of grain was low," the message says.

Provided that such dynamics are maintained, Kherson region can count on about 2.4 million tons of early grain harvest.

As of July 2nd, 20 regions of Ukraine started harvesting early grain and leguminous crops. Grain harvesting is carried out on the area of 1.9 million hectares (19 percent) resulting in 6.1 million tons of grain.

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Regional specialization in crop production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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