Ukrainian corn generates weak demand

Low corn prices hold the trade back, market operators note. Although there is a supply of corn on the market, there is almost no external demand, Refinitiv Agriculture reports.

"According to market operators' reports, corn harvesting in Ukraine has already begun. At the same time, the corn market remains inactive," the report says.

Export quotations FOB Odesa for corn are at the level of USD 154-157 per ton.

According to the report, corn quotations CPT Odesa are at the level of USD 144-147 per ton, which is rather low for traders.

Analysts also note that a number of companies report the closure of barley and wheat programs, waiting for corn available for sale.

Since the start of 2019/20, Ukraine delivered to foreign markets 9.8 mln t of grain and leguminous crops. Commodities shipment increased 3.5 mln t from the prior year's comparative period, 6.3 mln t.

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