Agrain Trans plans grain trucks fleet increase

Vitaliy Shtempel, Director of Economics and Finance at Agrain
Vitaliy Shtempel, Director of Economics and Finance at Agrain
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The Agrain Trans company, a branch of the Agrain agricultural group, owns 65 modern grain trucks. The company plans to expand its fleet up to 100 units, as this business direction is profitable.

"We have Agrain Trans and Agrain Trading logistics companies. Agrain Trans was created to optimize internal logistics. We tried to minimize the use of third-party vehicles because it is always easier to manage our own transport. The turnover is higher, so the costs are lower allowing us to maintain high harvesting rates. More than 60% of our operations are performed for third party contractors," commented Vitaliy Shtempel, Director of Economics and Finance at Agrain.

The Director of Economics and Finance of Agrain also noted that the main direction of the company is crop production. It is the most marginal and brings the most profit.

"Before, animal husbandry, which was inherited with the land bank, was less profitable. We built a modern pork complex, expanded cattle farms, changed the technology of herd keeping. As a result, the milk yield and weight gain increased. We began supplying meat to foreign markets, and so the industry which was unprofitable at the start began to bring profit," said Vitaliy Shtempel.

The company's elevators are increasing their turnover as well. Originally, they were built for the company's grain only, yet today about 60-70% of the grain is supplied by third parties. Agrain's facilities are considered to be the largest in their localities. Elevator complexes are equipped with foreign equipment and high-capacity reception hubs. Modern technologies are used in the operation of the elevators, which allow reducing gas consumption per ton (tpct) of drying.

Earlier it was reported that the Agrain Group purchased 30 Scania G400 grain trucks as part of the fleet expansion.

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