Foreign currency revenue from egg exports increased by 29 pct

In 9M 2019, 106.23 thou. t of eggs were exported from Ukraine, 40% higher from the prior year's comparative period.

In monetary terms, the export of eggs amounted to USD 84.03 mln vs. USD 65.81 mln, 29% more from the January-September 2018 period.

By the data of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the major importers of Ukrainian eggs in 9M 2019 are as followed:

  • the U.A.E. — USD 21.45 mln, 27.1 thou. t;
  • Iraq — USD 13.29 mln, 16.8 thou. t;
  • the British Virgin Islands — USD 8.66 mln, 10.9 thou. t;
  • others — USD 40.64 mln, 51.4 thou. t.

Import of eggs to Ukraine amounted to 4.2 thou. t in January-September 2019.

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As a reminder, the USDA announced requirements for exports of meat products (both livestock and poultry products) and eggs from Ukraine.

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