Raspberry dominates organic berry production in Ukraine

In 2018, 106 organic berry producers were registered in Ukraine, AgroTimes reports with reference to the market research of organic fruit and vegetable products conducted by Organic Standard.

The Ukrainian market operators' structure is as followed:

  • 86 farms grow organic raspberries on an area of 582 ha;
  • 14 operators produce organic blueberry on an area of 106 ha;
  • 23 operators produce strawberries on an area of 75.5 ha;
  • 22 operators produce other organic berries: gooseberry, black currant, red currant, honeysuckle, goji berry;
  • 25 operators produce two or more organic berries.

Previously reported that a consignment of Ukrainian blueberries was shipped from Boryspil International Airport to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The shipment volume totalled 140 kg. Air delivery was carried out by FlyDubai Airlines.

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