Astarta-Kyiv sugar sales falling since 2019

The agri-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv reduced its sugar sales volumes by 12% or by 32.73 thou. t in 9M 2019.

The average realized price dropped 6% to 10.06 thou. UAH/t.

The company's sugar sales dropped from 272.62 thou. t in 9M 2018 to 239.88 in 9M 2019.

In the reporting period, the company increased corn sales 2.6x to 314.8 thou. t. Wheat sales increased by 23% to 240.28 thou. t (9M 2018: 195.39 thou. t). In Q3 2019, wheat trade scaled up by 56% to 223.64 thou. t, whereas corn sales dropped 74% to 2.8 thou. t.

As a reminder, earlier in October of the current year holding's share price fell to its lowest level in the last 5 years.

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