Zahidny Bug harvested half of corn areas

Zahidny Bug company finalized harvesting soybean on the area of 8.11 thou. ha. The crop reached 24.95 thou. t using the average yield of 3.07 t/ha.

The best soybean yield indicators are reported in the following branches Byshiv — 3.89 t/ha, Zhvyrka — 3.54 t/ha, Skomorokhy — 3.51 t/ha.

As of October 25th, corn harvesting was conducted on 2.43 thou. ha, 55% of the total volume. The average yield of the grain crop this season amounts to 10.5 t/ha so far. Under the message, Rozvoryany branch leads among other farms in terms of corn yield with 12.32 t/ha.

"The works on sugar beet harvesting continue having covered 5.52 thou. ha, 67.3% of the total volume. Skomorokhy and Shymkivtsi branches have completed sugar beet campaign. The yield at the Skomorokhi subdivision totalled 65.96 t/ha, Shymkivtsi — 43.93 t/ha," informs the company.

According to the company's statement, sowing of winter crops is being finalized. Winter barley is planted on 4.11 thou. ha. Winter wheat areas reached 17.38 thou. ha by October 25th, 94.5% of the planned areas.

As of October 23rd, Ukrainian agrarians sowed winter grains on 6.6 mln ha or 90% of the forecasted 7.3 mln ha (2018: 6.8 mln ha).

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