AMCU authorized Zahidnyi Buh for acquisition in Lviv region

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) authorized the company Zahidnyi Buh to acquire Agro-Lan.

"A permission has been granted to the company Zahidnyi Buh (Pavlov village, Lviv region) to acquire control over the enterprise Agro-Lan (Varyazh village, Lviv region) by acquiring stakes in the authorized capital of Agro-Lan ensuring 100% of votes in the supreme governing body of the company," the message reads.

According to the analytical system YouControl, Yuri Lyashchuk is the ultimate beneficial owner of the company Agro-Lan.

Zahidnyi Buh formed a new branch in Ternopil region with a farmland bank of 5.54 thou. ha.

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