Dealers refuse from selling Corteva seeds under Brevant brand

In 2019, Corteva Agriscience launched a new commercial strategy: direct sales of Pioneer seeds and sales of Brevant seeds through distributors. However, the largest distributors in Ukraine refuse to sell seeds under the Brevant brand, reports.

On the request, 50% of the largest distributors in Ukraine selling Pioneer seeds said that they refused to sell these products, 30% found it difficult to answer and 20% agreed.

"The team applied to the commercial director of Corteva Agriscience in Ukraine Andriy Andriyushko to find out the reasons for the refusal. According to him, the information about the problems with the purchase of seeds by distributors does not correspond to reality. An advanced request has been sent to Corteva Agriscience company," the message reads.

As reported, the main reason for the refusal is the quality of products and price that fail to meet the market demands.

Note: under the Brevant brand such crops are sold as Brevant corn, Brevant rapeseed and Brevant sunflower. informs that the company responded to its request.

"Today we have no refusals from selling the Brevant brand. The commercial policy for distribution was presented on November 1, and now everyone is studying the offer of Corteva Agriscience, in particular, the Brevant brand portfolio, which has improved all the technological advantages of Corteva Agriscience genetics," says Andriy Andriyushko.

According to him, Corteva Agriscience uses a multi-channel and multi-brand sales model in the world markets. The Brevant brand was offered and launched on the Ukrainian market last year for sales through the distribution channel.

"This approach considers the wishes of producers for whom we work in the first place, allowing them to choose the best model of access to the Corteva Agriscience genetic offer, either through a distributor via the Brevant brand, or directly via the Pioneer brand," he comments.

Andriy Andriyushko points out that all official distributors of Corteva Agriscience have access to the Brevant brand and the contracts for 2020 are under negotiation.

"Corteva Agriscience researches hybrids in different soil, climatic and technological conditions of Ukraine. All data is systematized at the end of the year. This information can be seen in our catalogues for 2020, as well as during the training for our partners and end users during the winter period," he adds.

Previously reported that in H1 2019 (six months ended June 30) Corteva Agriscience cut research and development expense by 17% (USD 116 mln) to USD 568 mln. The company's research and development expense in Q2 2019 reduced 24% to USD 269 mln.

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