Sunflower oil exports from Ukraine worth USD 3.5 bln

In January-October, Ukraine exported 4.89 mln t of sunflower oil for the amount of USD 3.38 bln.

By the data of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the largest importers of the product in the period are as followed:

  • India — USD 1.14 bln, 33.5%;
  • China — USD 491.03 mln, 14.49%;
  • the Netherlands — USD 358.29 mln, 10.57%;
  • other — USD 1.4 bln, 41.44%.

Reportedly, for the first time in recent years, in 2018 Germany became the leader among the largest importers of Ukrainian oilseed crops and has been confidently holding this position.

The new edition of the infographic guide Ukrainian Agribusiness 2018/19 is available for download.

Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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