Sugar export 2019/20 dropped 8x

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In September-November 2019/20, sugar exports made up 17 thou. t, 8x less from the comparative period of the previous season (139 thou. t), Edclub reports.

The largest volumes of Ukrainian sugar were delivered to the markets of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. Analysts noted that Ukraine was not importing sugar in the indicated period.

As reported, sugar beet harvesting was finalized in Ukraine. Under the preliminary data, the crop reached 9.8 mln t, 30% lower from 2018.

Under the experts' estimates, sugar export in the 2019/20 season shall not exceed 1.4 mln t vs. 1.8 mln t in 2018/19.

"According to the latest reports, in September-November 2019/20, beet sugar output in Ukraine amounted to 1.27 mln t, 15% less y-o-y," the message reads.

The estimated domestic sugar consumption within the three months of the current season is estimated at 315 thou. t.

As of December 3, beet sugar production in Ukraine totalled 1.3 mln t.

Beet sugar industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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