Grain prices in southern regions of Ukraine at the highest level

Infographic guide Ukrainian Agribusiness 2018/19

The highest average prices for grain and leguminous crops traded by agricultural enterprises in January-November 2019 were observed in Odesa region — 4 353,8 UAH/t, the data of the State Statistics Service proves.

Prices were calculated by analysts net of VAT, subsidies, transportation, forwarding and overhead costs.

In the indicated period, the highest prices for grain crops were in the following regions:

  • Odesa — 4 353,8 UAH/t;
  • Mykolaiv — 4 209,6 UAH/t;
  • Cherkasy — 4 102,4 UAH/t;
  • Zaporizhzhya — 4071 UAH/t;
  • Kherson — 4 042,4 UAH/t.

As a reminder, since the start of 2019/20, Ukrainian seaports have shipped 28.9 mln t of staple grains for export.

Agricultural products export from Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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