RISOIL to increase its storage capacity with new grain bins

The company, operating a terminal for transshipment of liquid and grain cargoes in the port of Chernomorsk, RISOIL S.A., is commissioning a new silo park.

"We're waiting for supporting documents," the company says in a statement.

As reported, after the launch of new facilities, the total grain storage capacity will increase to 350 thou. m³.

"With the increase in capacity, we plan to employ 26 more people. The wages fund will be allocated UAH 2.4 mln per month, of which UAH 80 thou. will be paid to the state budget in the form of military fee. Payments to the local budget are planned in the amount of UAH 2.32 mln," the company noted.

Previously reported that RISOIL S.A. finalized the construction of eight new silos with the capacity of 150 thou. m³.

Grain storage network in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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