Ovostar Union shell egg sales volume dropped 17 pct in 2019

Ovostar Union sales volume in shell eggs segment fell by 17% to 1 147 mln eggs (2018: 1 381 mln). As reported by the company, the volume of eggs produced in 2019 totalled 1 587 mln (2018: 1 625 mln eggs).

The volume of eggs exported was 525 mln that makes up 46% of the total sales in the segment (2018: 587 mln or 42%).

"The decrease of shell eggs sales is accounted for by the significant reduction of trading operations in 2019," the company says in a statement.

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The average price of eggs in UAH terms fell by 12% y-o-y and reached 1.606 UAH/egg, while in USD terms the decrease was 7% y-o-y and the price for the year was 0.062 USD/egg (2018: 1.819 UAH/egg or 0.067 USD/egg respectively).

As of 31 December 2019, the company’s total flock was 8.1 mln heads, including 6.7 mln laying hens (31 December 2018: 7.6 mln and 6.4 mln. respectively).

Animal products output in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

In January-November 2019, poultry eggs production in Ukraine increased by 3.5% up to 15.51 bln units (+5.6% in agricultural enterprises; +1% in households).

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