Experts estimated potential farmland price in Ukraine

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Once the moratorium on farmland sales in Ukraine is lifted, landowners may receive USD 1.5 thou. per hectare. This was stated by Viktor Vyshniov, CEO of CETAM, RBC-Ukraine writes.

At present, the state enterprise specialists already have an estimation of how much land in Ukraine will cost, based on lease data from the regions.

The leader in terms of land value is Kirovograd region, where the cost of rent reaches UAH 7 thou. per 1 ha.

"If we calculate the multiplier (Numerical coefficient showing the effect of a change in total national investment on the amount of total national income.) within at least 10 years, we will estimate how much land in Ukraine can cost. We expect it an average of USD 1.5 thou. per hectare. We will see what price will be set by the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture to start trading," said the CEO of CETAM.

Previously reported that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will consider the land market bill No.2178-10 this Thursday, Feb 6.

Farmland market reform in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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