UAE imports around 30 pct of Ukrainian flour

Infographic guide Ukrainian Agribusiness 2018/19


The U.A.E. imported 9% more flour over half the current season than within the entire 2018/19. The country holds a 28% share in Ukrainian flour exports, UkrAgroConsult informs.

Since June 2019, Hong Kong has been steadily importing Ukrainian flour every month.

As reported, exports since the start of the season are 56% higher than in 2018/19 but still 22% lower than in the record season 2017/18.

In December 2019/20, 34.6 thou. t of flour were exported, 17% less from November supply.

"In December, the demand for Ukrainian flour slightly decreased as almost all markets were importing less than in November. The sharpest drop is observed in the supply volumes to Indonesia (-82%)," the analysts note.

As of Feb. 7, flour export from Ukraine reached 231 thou. t, 79.1 thou. t (53%) more from the prior year's comparative indicator, 151.9 thou. t.

Basic food production in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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