Milkiland EBITDA slashed 5.6x in Q1 2020

Milkiland company net loss for Q1 2020 accounted for EUR 7.62 mln, twice as much as the loss for the same period in 2019 (EUR 3.7 mln).

According to the company's report, the Group's EBITDA dropped 5.6x from EUR –222 thou. to EUR –1.25 mln. EBITDA in Russia fell from EUR 1 thou. to EUR –1.05 mln, in Ukraine from EUR 1 thou. to EUR –217 thou. In Poland, EBITDA increased from negative EUR 408 thou. to EUR 14 thou.

Revenue decreased by 23% to EUR 22.79 mln in the reporting period compared to EUR 29.52 mln in Q1 2019.

Milkiland generated a gross profit of EUR 2.29 mln in the first quarter of 2020 (Q1 2019: EUR 3.63 mln). The company posted an operating loss of EUR 2.86 mln in the reporting period, compared to EUR 1.79 mln of loss in last year's comparative period.

Milkiland's net loss per share for the first quarter of 2020 was EUR 0.24 compared to EUR 0.12 in Q1 2019.

In the period of May 7-13, 2020, the company's capitalization increased by 1.6% to USD 5 mln.

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