Nika-Tera started receiving new crop grain

The Sea Specialized Port Nika-Teraa structural division of Group DF, has received new crop grain of the 2020 harvest.

"On the night of June 12, the port Nika-Tera received the first trucks with the barley of the new crop. The grain was received as part of the quota of Louis Dreyfus Company Ukraine," the company says in a statement.

Nika-Tera authorities reported that before the new season, repair works and modernization of loading and unloading processes were carried out.Sea Specialized Port Nika-Tera

Grains, legumes and oilseeds remain predominant in the cargo turnover structure, accounting for 65% of the quarterly transshipment volume, or 1.22 mln t.

Previously reported that one of the poorest wheat harvests is expected in Europe over the past 10 years.

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