ROSTOK-HOLDING paid off USD 10 mln of loans in 18 months

ROSTOK-HOLDING group of companies is servicing current loan obligations and plans to expand its loan portfolio. This was informed by the company's CEO Andrii Shvab.

"In the past 18 months, more than USD 10 mln of loans have been repaid. Part of the liabilities worth about USD 4 mln was allocated together with the Ichnya cluster as part of the restructuring of the Group. To date, the company's loans total about USD 13 mln," stated Andrii Shvab.

Commercial banks and factoring companies are among ROSTOK-HOLDING's core creditors. The company noted that the factoring companies had bought out credit obligations from several banks during the instability period of ROSTOK-HOLDING.

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At the same time, Andrii Shvab noted that ROSTOCK-HOLDING fulfils its obligations to creditors and does it in strict accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and agreements with creditors.

He also added that ROSTOK-HOLDING is currently operating sustainably and is expecting to generate revenue of USD 40 mln by the end of 2020.

Previously reported that the Group initiated the reconstruction of its grain elevator in Glukhiv of Sumy region. The total investment is estimated at USD 2 mln.

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