SFGCU storage facilities accepted 22.9 thou. t of new crop grain

Branches of the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (SFGCU) started receiving new crop grain in the southern regions of the country, the company reports.

As of June 30, early grains accumulation started at six corporation's branches in Mykolaiv region and five branches in Kherson region.

"Currently, deliveries of 2-4 class wheat, 3 class barley, 3 class peas and rapeseed are made. The branches have already received 8.36 thou. t of barley, 11.8 thou. t of wheat, 1.34 thou. t of peas and 1.42 thou. t of rapeseed. The total volume of grain received has reached 22.91 thou. t," the corporation says in a statement.

In the new marketing season, the SFGCU expects to receive 2.6 mln t of cereals for storage.

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As a reminder, the SFGCU is the absolute leader in Ukraine in terms of grain storage capacity — 3.61 mln t.

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