Ristone Holdings crushing plant construction completed another phase

Ristone Holdings is finalizing the construction of the third phase of oilseeds crushing plant, Ristone OIL.

"The construction of the truck unloading station is close to completion: the bulk of the work has been done, and the covering is still to be finished. The cleaning equipment has been installed and the main transport elements have been assembled. Bucket-elevators have been 70% assembled," the company says in a statement.

Two silos of 5,000 tons of storage each have already been assembled. The assembled two roofs for two more storage silos will be mounted within a week.

"Landscape works in the territory are underway," the message reads.

Sunflower oil export from Ukraine in Jan-June 2020 totalled 3.76 mln t for the amount of USD 2.74 bln.Vegetable oil industry in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

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