Rapeseed yields 13% lower in Cherkasy region

Grain and leguminous crops production in Cherkasy region reached 1.17 mln t on 244 thou. ha or 34% of the planned areas. The crops yielded 4.8 t/ha on average (2019: 5.46 t/ha).

As reported by the Department of the Agri-Industrial Development at Cherkasy Region State Administration, new harvest indicators by crops stand at:

  • winter wheat: 881.4 thou. t of grain on 177.7 thou. ha using the average yield of 4.96 t/ha (2019: 5.78 t/ha)
  • barley: 255.4 thou. t on 51.7 thou. ha, 4.94 t/ha (2019: 4.98 t/ha)
  • peas: 16.7 thou. t on 5.7 thou. ha, 2.93 t/ha (2019: 2.92 t/ha)
  • rapeseed: 35.1 thou. t on 13.1 thou. ha, 2.68 t/ha (2019: 3.07 t/ha)

Farms of the region have started preparations for autumn field works and winter crops sowing campaign.

Follow the updates with the Harvest Online 2020 project. The project is developed in partnership with Soufflet Agro Ukraine.

Agriproducers of Poltava region finalized early grains and legumes harvest on 330.2 thou. ha: the new harvest reached 1.56 mln t using the average yield of 4.72 t/ha, 0.21 t/ha higher (5%) from 2019.

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