Refined sunflower oil demand on the rise — Ukroilprom

In the 2019/20(September-August) season, the demand for Ukrainian refined sunflower oil, including packaged oil, is growing on the world market, the Ukroilprom Association reports.

In September-July 2019/20, there was a significant increase YoY in exports of refined sunflower oil in both natural and value terms: 129% (up to 627.4 thou. t) and 136% (up to USD 555.5 mln) accordingly.

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There is also a change in the geography of refined sunflower oil export. Exports to the EU member states have grown 2.2x and to the USA 2.4x.

"Ukraine's domestic market needs are fully met in accordance with the requests of the distribution network. The growth of demand in the global market and the domestic market stimulated the growth of production of refined sunflower oil during this period by 124%," the report reads.

Export quotations for Ukrainian crude sunflower oil are up both for the old and new harvest. A deficit in supplies and adverse weather support the prices.

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