Sunflower yields lowest in Cherkasy region, 14 regions of Ukraine started harvesting

As of September 3, sunflower harvesting in Ukraine reached 700.62 thou. t having covered 455.47 thou. ha or 7% of the planned areas (6.38 mln ha), the Harvest Online 2020 data show.

Sunflower yields 1.54 t/ha on average since the start of the campaign. 14 regions of Ukraine have started harvesting this oilseed crop.

Regions harvesting lowest yield of sunflower

Region Area, thou. ha Harvest, thou. t Yield, t/ha
Chernivtsi 0.16 0.15 0.94
Zaporizhzhya 13.6 15.43 1.14
Mykolaiv 149.07 186.8 1.25
Luhansk 33.51 44.82 1.34
Dnipropetrovsk 53.84 77.26 1.44

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Sunflower production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

As of September 3, agriproducers in Ukraine harvested 41.8 mln t of main crops on 11.3 mln ha, of which grains and legumes make up 38.5 mln t harvested on 9.7 mln ha, or 63% of the planned areas.

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