Three regions harvest sunflower at more than 3 t/ha, 21 regions of Ukraine cropping

As of September 17, sunflower harvesting in Ukraine reached 4.07 mln t having covered 2.33 thou. ha or 36% of the planned areas (6.38 mln ha), the Harvest Online 2020 data show.

Sunflower yields 1.75 t/ha on average since the start of the campaign. 21 regions of Ukraine have started harvesting this oilseed crop.

Regions harvesting highest yield of sunflower

Region Area, thou. ha Harvest, thou. t Yield, t/ha
Ternopil 1.05 3.8 3.63
Khmelnytsky 3.65 11.23 3.08
Sumy 105.43 318.27 3.02
Zakarpattya 0.32 0.89 2.75
Vinnytsya 61.21 162.31 2.65

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Sunflower production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

Sunflower yields have been the lowest in Odesa region — 1.02 t/ha. 43.02 thou. t of the crop has been harvested so far.

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