Sunflower meal export from Ukraine in September: key markets

In the first month of 2020/21(September-August), Turkey imported 18.6% of the total sunflower meal supply from Ukraine, the Association Ukroilprom informs.

Sunflower meal export from Ukraine in September totalled 101.76 thou. t for the amount of USD 21.5 mln.

Key importers of Ukrainian sunflower meal in September 2020/21 by market share:

  1. Turkey: 18.6%, USD 3.99 mln
  2. China: 18.1%, USD 3.88 mln
  3. Poland: 13.1%, 2.82 mln
  4. UK: 12.3%, USD 2.65 mln
  5. Belarus: 11%, USD 2.47 mln
  6. Thailand: 10.1%, USD 2.17 mln
  7. France: 6.1%, USD 1.31 mln

The total volume of sunflower meal imported by the EU countries in September of the current year accounts for 22.4% of all exports or USD 4.8 mln.

As a reminder, in September, China imported the largest volume of unrefined sunflowerseed oil from Ukraine for the amount of USD 76.3 mln, which makes up 36.7% of total exports.

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