A.G.R. Group to create a production cluster in southern Ukraine

Misak Khidiryan's A.G.R. Group agricultural holding is considering an increase of its land bank through renting additional farmland in southern Ukraine.

"Land bank expansion is one of the holding's development priorities. Now we are considering creating a new production cluster in the south of Ukraine, we are particularly interested in expanding the land bank by acquiring land in Kherson region. This region's advantage is lower costs of storage, drying of crops and logistics since sea ports are close by. Although this region has its own challenges, especially in terms of crop production, but in our opinion, modern technology will help us receive the maximum yield," said the Chairman of A.G.R. Group Igor Shestopalov.

He also added that the company is open to further offers to purchase land bank not only in the southern regions. But the principal condition is and will remain the purchase of the land bank from the owner, without intermediaries.

Previously reported that the holding's plans for the coming season 2021 include both land bank expansion and own infrastructure development.

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