Epicentr Agro focuses on corn and sunflower production in 2021

In 2020/21, Epicentr Agro will sow 77% of areas with corn and sunflower. Bohdan Cheremha, Deputy Head of the agricultural division of Epicentr K, Production Director at Epicentr Agro, informs that the company focuses on highly profitable crops that can be exported and processed domestically. Priority is given to corn and high-oleic sunflowers.

The company's cropping plan in the 2020/21 season includes 72 thou. ha of corn, 52 thou. ha of sunflower, over 9 thou. ha of rapeseed and 15.8 thou. ha of winter wheat. 750 ha are planned for organic farming in Khmelnytsky region, of which area of 420 ha is allocated for organic soybean and 330 ha for organic spelt.

"About 400 ha of classic spelt and about 700 ha of gymnosperm pumpkin have been sown under the Niche Crops Production Project development. We traditionally sow the feed group — corn for silage and perennial grasses, which we need for the development of dairy farming," he says.

In addition to growing cash crops, Epicentr Agro will continue to develop its seed business, Bohdan Cheremha adds. In the Western and Northern clusters, the irrigated area of 630 ha will be sown with hybrid corn for seed.

As a reminder, Epicentr Agro has the 6th-largest storage capacity in Ukraine.

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