Ovostar Union products certified kosher

The certification body Ukrainian Kashrut Committee conducted a certification audit of Ovostar LLC, a subsidiary of Ovostar Union, to ensure that the company's production process and products comply with the Kosher standard.

As reported, specialists (rabbis) check the traceability of the products, as compliance with the standard assumes the high quality of the incoming raw materials involved in the production cycle. Thus, all raw materials shall be Kosher compliant.

"Among other crucial criteria are the production chain, that ensures continuous manufacturing process, no human contact with the product and impeccable cleanliness of both production and storage facilities. The company does not use any food additives, flavourings, gelatine, alcohols, and glycerine in its manufacturing process," the company says in a statement.

Additionally, the rabbis check whether the technological process and the final products meet the requirements of the technology and product specifications and labeling.

"Kashrut" means "fit for consumption". This certification once again underlines the high level of product safety at Ovostar egg processing plant. Today, Kosher products enjoy great demand not only from Israel but also from many other countries, who appreciate such products for their excellent quality," the message reads.

As a reminder, Ovostar Union was certified for egg exports to Israel in April 2020.

Poultry farming in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

In Q1 2021, the company's egg production increased by 5% YoY and reached 411 mln.

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