Ovostar Union profit for 1Q 2021 progressed 4x

The company Ovostar Union reported USD 4.72 mln of net profit for 1Q 2021 (Jan-Mar), 4x higher YoY (1Q 2020: 1.17 mln).

The revenue in the reporting period increased by 37.2% to USD 32.17 mln (1Q 2020: USD 23.44 mln).

Under the report data, the gross profit of Ovostar improved by 2x to USD 6.9 mln (1Q 2020: USD 3.6 mln). The operating profit also demonstrated an increase, this indicator reached USD 4.37 mln vs. USD 1.04 mln for 1Q 2020.

Earnings per share (EPS) totalled USD 0.79 (Q1 2020: USD 0.19).

Previously the company reported a 5% YoY increase in egg output in Q1 2020.

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