Kernel subsidiary leads VAT refund recipients list in May

In May 2021, the largest amount of VAT was refunded to Kernel-Trade, a subsidiary of Kernel, UAH 1.669,9 mln, the State Treasury Service of Ukraine reports.

In the reporting period, the VAT refund was received by the following companies:

  1. Kernel-Trade (Kernel): UAH 1669,87 mln
  2. Suntrade (Bunge Ukraine): UAH 519.08 mln
  3. ADM Ukraine: UAH 403.23 mln
  4. NIBULON: UAH 314.5 mln
  5. Cargill: UAH 253.8 mln
  6. SFGCU: UAH 174.18 mln
  7. Viterra: UAH 126.26 mln
  8. COFCO Agri Ukraine: UAH 116.5 mln
  9. Delta Wilmar Ukraine: UAH 91.21 mln
  10. Louis Dreyfus Company Ukraine: UAH 86.5 mln
  11. Mondelēz Ukraine: UAH 83.9 mln
  12. Oliyar: UAH 71.5 mln
  13. ROSHEN: UAH 70 mln
  14. D&I Evolution (ViOil): UAH 74.25 mln
  15. BK ROSHEN (ROSHEN): UAH 48.36 mln

Kernel's market cap in the period May 27-June 2, increased by 2.7% to USD 1275 mln.

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