Land market supports agribusiness advancement in Ukraine: Osypov

Ukraine produced about 100 mln t of grains and oilseeds in 2019, a year when no drought was in sight. Agrarians can potentially increase the yield to 140 mln t, Board Member and CEO of Kernel Yevgen Osypov, stated at the International Conference Grain Ukraine 2021.

He is also positive about the launch of the land market in Ukraine.

"We are very grateful for the efforts made by the ministry, the agricultural committee in the Parliament. There is no doubt that the land market is another factor contributing to the efficiency of the agrarian business. It is not a quick process but a long evolutionary story. However, the launch of the land market is a fundamental factor that increases the attractiveness of the agrarian sector and gives an opportunity to attract investment into the agrarian sector in the future. So I think things are working out pretty well today. Despite all the turbulence we are seeing, we are moving forward, the country is developing, and has very good opportunities for growth in production and prosperity," commented Yevgen Osypov.

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The StateGeocadastre projected the cost of farmland in Ukraine upon land market opening with the highest being traded in Cherkasy region and the lowest in Chernihiv.

On May 24, the President signed the land decentralization law.

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