Agricom Group adopted new development strategy, over USD 20 mln of investment

Agricom Group has adopted a new strategy to invest more than USD 20 mln in development over the next five years, with the money to be raised through reinvestment of profits and credit facilities as appropriate.

According to Petro Melnyk, the company's executive director, Agricom Group will move towards production development and innovation, higher business margins and sustainable development.

The company will vest 10% in the growth of its agricultural business, 60% in the expansion of Dobrodia (Добродія) TM's product range, and 30% in new business segments. One of these areas will be expansion of the holding's presence in the oats segment.

Petro Melnyk

Executive Director of Agricom Group

"Oats are now an essential and strategic crop in the Agricom Group's crop rotation system. We have a high-capacity Dobrodia plant, which produces around 30% of flakes in Ukraine. And if one looks in terms of raw materials, we also consume up to 30% of Ukrainian oats to manufacture our products. Therefore, we actively cooperate with scientists from Ukrainian and foreign companies and test about 20 varieties of oats on our lands. This season we doubled the area and sowed 2.2 thou. ha."

The company follows the global oats tendencies which move this cereal way forward.

As of June 3, oats planting in Ukraine was 96% completed. In 2021, this crop will cover 194.05 thou. ha.

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