Volodar agency for safe farmland investments established in Ukraine

A new land agency, Volodar (Ukr. Володар), has been established in Ukraine. The agency has an extensive network of regional agents. Its founders are Volodymyr Nagorny who has 20 years of experience in land relations, and the Fortior Capital investment fund, incorporating Latifundist Media and the AgTech Farm projects fund.

A new service is designed to assist both land owners (shareholders) and agricultural companies of all sizes, as well as investors, in finding the best possible terms of cooperation in an open farmland market.

Volodar's founders remind and confirm that from 1 July 2021 only individuals are authorized to sell and buy farmland, a maximum of 100 ha per person. And the agency suggests that new land owners who decide to invest their money in a land asset be called digital shareholders 2.0. According to Volodymyr Nagorny, this is a new generation of investors who find it convenient to store all the data about their land assets in an online system and receive their payments online, consistently.

Volodymyr Nagorny

cofounder of the Volodar land agency

"With Volodar, shareholders 2.0 will not only become owners of verified farmland, but they can skip all the formalities, and get the best lease option to maximize their income. The Volodar service has sophisticated verification at the start, which ensures investor security at every stage. We will notify our clients of current offers in new land sales. The investor will be able to track major fluctuations in the farmland investment market, thereby ensuring that they can react quickly to receive a higher income"

In particular, Volodar offers investors to start managing all their land plots using any of their devices (computers, smartphones, tablets) everywhere in the world.

Volodar will oversee all agreements with land tenants to ensure that the funds come to the investor's account annually, on time and in full. If the investor decides to sell the land, the service will find reliable buyers with a competitive market offer.

The Volodar land agency notes that after the launch of the free farmland market in Ukraine, a land asset is one of the most profitable investments.

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Volodar points out the principal benefits of investing in farmland in Ukraine:

  • Stable income at the deposit level: the annual income from owning land is around 7%.
  • Immovable property: the land is real estate and is protected against risks of loss or depreciation.
  • Additional income from growth in market prices: increases in land prices allow you to generate additional income and boost your investment.
  • Liquid asset: the land is a liquid financial instrument that can always be disposed of easily.
  • Fiduciary management of an asset: Volodar's land agency team can arrange all the formalities and guarantees and help receive a stable passive income.
  • Maintenance-free: land plots do not require maintenance and repairs like residential or commercial properties, and carry no extra concerns.

Follow the link to find out more about Volodar's opportunities for investors, farmers and landowners.

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