Three countries imported 39% of total Ukrainian wheat supply in 2020/21

Ukraine's wheat export in the 2020/21 season summed 16.6 mln t, 19% down on the previous season and 5% behind the maximum volume of shipment set in the Memorandum of Understanding, the APK-Inform consultancy reports.

As reported, Indonesia is the key importer of Ukrainian wheat in the reporting period. The top three importers:

  1. Indonesia: 16% of the total supply, 2.6 mln t
  2. Egypt: 15%, 2.5 mln t
  3. Pakistan: 8%, 1.4 mln t

"Lower grain production in Ukraine in the 2020 crop year reduced wheat exports in 2020/21. The country harvested 24.9 mln t of wheat in 2020, 12 down YoY (2019: 28.3 mln t). Another factor holding back supplies was the high cost of Ukrainian wheat throughout the season, depressing its attractiveness to importers," analysts explain.

It is expected that Ukraine will intensify wheat exports in 2021/22 to 19.8 mln t, 18% up YoY, through the forecast production at 27.3 mln t, 10% above 2020.

As of 14 July, staple grains export from Ukraine reached 700 thou. t, 3% down YoY.

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