Farmland sale transactions number made up 1411 by July 21

As of 21 July, the number of farmland sale transactions in Ukraine totalled 1411, the Agrarian Ministry reports. The area of land under registered transactions is 2118 ha.

The highest number of land sale transactions in regions as of July 21:

  • Kyiv: 238
  • Poltava: 214
  • Vinnytsya: 150

Five transactions have been registered in Mykolaiv region since 1 July 2021.

Largest farmland volume sold in regions:

  • Poltava: 470 ha
  • Kharkiv: 297.6 ha
  • Vinnytsya: 214.6 ha
  • Kyiv: 143 ha

Land reform in Ukraine (click for full resolution)

The StateGeocadastre projected the cost of farmland in Ukraine upon land market opening with the highest being traded in Cherkasy region and the lowest in Chernihiv.

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