MHP auctions Nasha Ryaba logos on Binance NFT marketplace

The agro and industrial holding founded and chaired by Yuri Kosyuk, MHP, sells a collection of 20 digital copies of the Nasha Ryaba logo in a non-fungible token (NFT) format on Binance NFT marketplace.

The company will donate the funds raised during the auction to charity.

Head of Marketing Department of MHP Oleksiy Bezugly in an interview with Forbes Ukraine informs that the company put up 20 copies of the logo on the cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

"We will pledge the proceeds to the public organization Ukrainian Family Foundation. The starting bid for the NFT logos of Nasha Ryaba was USD 37.21. At the start of the auction, the most popular was the logo "Nasha Ryaba 2007 Made in Ukraine," he comments.

He adds that MHP plans to use NFT for other projects in the future.

MHP's chicken meat will be branded as "The Chicken" (Ukr. Та сама курочка). Through the logo change project, the company plans to increase the value of the brand, a projected estimate of USD 160 mln.

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