USDA revised upward world corn production in 2021/22

In its September report, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) revised upward the world corn production forecast by 11.65 mln t to 1,197.77 mln t (August report: 1,186.12 mln t).

The global corn export is projected at 201.27 mln t, 3.42 mln up from the previous forecast. Corn ending stocks are also improved from 284.63 mln t to 297.63 mln t.

Ukraine's corn perspectives for 2021/22 were unchanged by the USDA experts in the September report:

  • production: 39 mln t
  • export: 32 mln t
  • ending stocks: 1.11 mln t

The projection for the US corn in 2021/22:

  • production: 380.93 mln t (+6.25 mln t)
  • export: 62.87 mln t (+1.91 mln t)
  • ending stocks: 35.77 mln t (+4.21 mln t)

As per the September report, corn production by the largest exporting countries is forecasted 1 mln t down from August report at 242.5 mln t.

The projection for the major corn exporters in 2021/22 (September vs. August report indicators, mln t):

Country Production Exports Ending stocks
 Brazil 118 43 8.43
 Argentina 53 (+2) 38 (+2) 2.63 (+0.2)
 Ukraine 39 32 1.11
 South Africa 17 3.2 3.42 (–0.2)
 Russia 15.5 (–1) 4.8 (–0.2) 0.49 (–0.2)

China's corn import in 2021/22 is projected at 26 mln t, production at 273 mln t, ending stocks at 207.17 mln t.

Corn harvesting in Ukraine as of September 9 came to 64.33 thou. t using the average yield of 4.67 t/ha. Corn export from Ukraine made up 1.3 mln t.

Corn production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

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