Wheat production forecast for Ukraine and Russia remains unchanged in September USDA report

In its September report, the Agriculture Department (USDA) forecasts the world wheat production in 2021/22 at 780.28 mln t, 3.37 mln t up from the August report (776.91 mln t).

The world wheat export projection grew by 1.51 mln t to 199.74 mln t. Wheat ending stocks forecast was improved by 4.16 mln t to 283.22 mln t (August report: 279.06 mln t).

Wheat production and export projection for Ukraine remains unchanged from the previous report:

  • production: 33 mln t
  • export: 23.5 mln t

However, the projection for wheat ending stocks in Ukraine was revised down by 0.09 mln t to 1.71 mln t.

The projection for the major wheat exporters in 2021/22 (September vs. August report indicators, mln t):

Country Production Exports Ending stocks
 EU 139 (+0.4) 35 10.97 (+1.5)
 Russia 72.5 35 9.98
 Ukraine 33 23.5 1.71 (–0.09)
 Australia 31.5 (+1.5) 23 (+1) 4.88 (+0.4)
 Canada 23 (–1) 17 (–1.5) 3.03 (–0.8)
 Argentina 20 (–0.5) 13.5 3.24 (+0.16)

Egypt's GASC purchased 240 thou. t of Ukrainian wheat at the latest tender.

Wheat export from Ukraine as of 10 September totalled 5.9 mln t. Winter and spring wheat harvesting was completed in Ukraine, the production reached 32.87 mln t using the average yield of 4.64 t/ha.

Winter wheat sowing was completed on 1% of the projected area in Ukraine as of 6 September.

Wheat production in Ukraine and worldwide (click for full resolution)

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