AMP: Ukraine's milk production 6% down in 8M 2021

In the period January-August 2021, milk production in Ukraine came to 6.35 mln t, 6.2% down YoY, the Association of Milk Producers (AMP) writes.

This decrease was caused by a rapid milk production decline in households and insufficient supply from the industrial sector. In 8M 2021, industrial enterprises accounted for 30.6% of all milk produced in the country, or 1.85 mln t, 1.4% down YoY.

The traditional leaders in the production of industrial milk this year, according to Yana Linetskaya, an analyst at AMP, demonstrate a drop in output despite the increase in capacity of some dairy complexes:

  • Poltava region: 263.8 thou. t, –1.9%
  • Cherkasy: 193.5 thou. t, –6.4%
  • Kharkiv: 167 thou. t, +0.5%

Milk production increase in the reporting period was registered in the following regions:

  • Ternopil: 78.3 thou. t, +13.6%
  • Kherson: 33.2 thou. t, +7.8%
  • Vinnytsya: 150.4 thou. t, +5.5%

"The growth of livestock number at industrial farms cannot yet compensate for the necessary amount of milk for the market," the message reads.

Milk production in households decreased by more than 8%. In January-August, this sector produced 4.185 mln t of milk. The production was most reduced in Kharkiv region (-19.7%, 136.3 thou. t), Chernihiv (-14%, 134.2 thou. t) and Cherkasy (-13.5%, 93.9 thou. t).

"Due to the effects of the July heatwave, the seasonal factor will deepen the shortage of raw milk on the market until the end of the year," Yana Linetskaya adds.

As a reminder, Baladna Co Q.P.S.C., a Qatar company, considers investment in a milk production facility in Ukraine.

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